Wisdom teeth: when and why removing them?

Having a proper oral care routine with regular dentist appointments will keep your teeth clean and healthy.

However, wisdom teeth removal is something that most people will have to experience at a certain point in their life, even with optimal oral care.

You might be wondering why dentists suggest removing them even though they are not causing any pain or discomfort.

In this article, we will discuss when and why wisdom teeth are removed.

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Do they always need to be removed?

No. There’s no need if there’s enough room in your jawbones for them to erupt completely in a good-aligned position. You also need to be able to brush and floss them properly.

Sadly, wisdom teeth present the highest rate of erupting in atypical positions. Therefore, only on rare occasions, it is possible to keep them without repercussions.

Why remove wisdom teeth?

The main reasons are position, cavities, and the possible development of pathologies such as cysts.


Wisdom teeth erupt in the back of your mouth, behind the second molars. Usually, people only have room in their mouths for sets of 14 teeth on each maxilla, leaving no space for the wisdom teeth to erupt.

Due to the lack of space, they erupt at unfavorable angles, which could be in any position. Moreover, it is common for them to press against the neighboring tooth, becoming impacted and causing decay.

However, impacted teeth can still partially erupt, leaving part of its crown hidden under the gums.

2.Cavities and infections

Wisdom teeth lie in a hard-to-reach area, hindering cleaning and allowing for unhealthy bacterial colonization. This makes them prone to cavities development.

Restoring cavities in these teeth is a challenge to dentists due to the complicated access and lack of room for the instruments to fit, raising the odds of failed restorations.

Deficient oral hygiene around the wisdom teeth can cause gums inflammation, which can lead into an infection called pericoronitis. In severe cases can cause swelling, pus discharge, severe pain, bad breath and taste, and even trismus.


Impacted teeth are prone to develop tumors and cysts around them. Cysts develop when the sack that normally surrounds the teeth starts filling with fluid, leading to abnormal growth. Although they are benign and usually asymptomatic, they can cause damage to the bone.

The best moment to plan their extraction is at young ages when their roots are not fully developed and the bone hasn’t fully matured. In these cases, the extractions are easier with a quicker recovery.

Although their eruption is not always associated with pain, it is highly advised to extract them to prevent any complications and maintain good oral health.

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