General Dentistry

There was a time not so long ago when people thought of medical doctors as health providers, and dentists as, well, dentists. Doctors diagnosed illnesses, attended to general health, delivered babies, and dealt with traumatic emergencies. Dentists fixed or pulled teeth and gave lectures about brushing and flossing.

Times have changed!

Today, dentists are acknowledged as the primary oral health care provider, and oral health is recognized as a major cornerstone of general health. In addition, the state of your oral health often provides the first indications of major health problems.

How does oral health affect general health? Scientists now suspect that bacteria in the mouth, often in infected gums, can move throughout the body. The worse the infection, the greater risk the bacteria will enter the bloodstream.

Once there, it can…

  • increase arterial plaque, which restricts blood flow and increases the risk of heart attack and stroke
  • stimulate a hormone that can bring on a pre-term birth
  • increase your risk for kidney cancer
  • negatively affect risk and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease
  • exacerbate respiratory disease
  • impact rheumatoid arthritis

Dentists are often the first to notice symptoms of hypertension, diabetes, oral cancers, and osteoporosis. Our role in general preventive medicine is becoming increasingly important. A recent survey indicates that most dentists take an active role in counseling patients on a variety of health issues.

The Canadian Dental Association recommends a Complete Oral Exam (COE) every 3-5 years. During a complete oral exam, you can expect some, or all, of the following as part of the appointment:

  • Create or update your medical history, document any medical conditions, medications, allergies, past surgeries, etc.
  • Examination of the head and neck to check tissues and lymph nodes
  • Examination of the jaw joint and assess for any clenching/grinding or wear to the teeth
  • Create/update odontogram charting. Charting of any missing teeth, fillings, crowns, veneers, bridges, implants, chips, fractures and cavities
  • Create/update periodontal charting. Periodontal charting is a measurement of the gum attachment for each tooth, indicating any areas of gum disease
  • Radiographs to assess the health of the teeth and bone support
  • Visual oral cancer screening
  • Diagnosis of cavities or need for restorative work
  • Any concerns to be addressed
  • Recommendations for an at home oral health regimen
  • A custom treatment plan formed based on diagnoses and individual needs

At Iris Dentistry, in Waterloo, we provide general dentistry to patients at all ages. Request your dental appointment with us. Prevention is key in oral health!

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