Information and Tips: Ending the “Fear of the Dentist”

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 Making a dental appointment may not be the most pleasant thing, but yet very important. “Phobia” is defined as an irrational fear or aversion to something that leads a person to avoid unpleasant situations, objects or activities. Many people are afraid of a dentist just because they grew up hearing their parents say that they did not like to have treatment done and this has marked them since childhood. Other people say they are afraid of a dentist because they have had a negative experience in the dental office during a procedure or because they have had a painful injection (the famous needle).

If you are afraid of a dentist, we have some tips that can make your visit to the dental office a more positive experience. If you don’t already have a dentist, talk to your family or your friends and colleagues and ask for a recommendation, someone you can start with a positive trust relationship. Talking to other people is a good way to find the right dentist for your needs.

Another way to find a dentist is online search. Many dental offices nowadays have websites that talks about their teams and philosophies and services offered. If you find an office that seems to suit your needs, talk to your friends and neighbors and look for recommendations.

After you find the right dental office for you, talk to them about your dental problem and your apprehensions and fears about the procedures to be performed. It is very important to maintain frank and open communication with your dentist. This makes your experience more peaceful and enjoyable.

The dentist will explain the treatment recommended for your case and details of the procedures you need. Being informed is the best way to feel confidence on what yiou are doing. Make sure you clarify all questions or concerns you might have about the treatment/procedure.

Nitrous Oxide

If yet you feel nervous, unsure or anxious before any procedure, there are ways to make you feel more relaxed and comfortable. There are some medications that dentists can use to make you feel more relaxed (also known as Oral Sedation). Dentist may also use Nitrous Oxide (the famous Laughing Gas), to make you relax during treatment. The biggest advantage of the laughing gas is that you can drive and go back to you normal like after the procedure. At Iris Dentistry, the dentists and assistants will make every effort to make your appointment a smooth and pleasant experience.

Do you still have questions about sedation at the dentist?

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