Invisalign or regular braces ?

Orthodontic treatment is usually associated with undesirable and uncomfortable shiny metal braces bonded to the teeth.

At Iris Dentistry, it is guarantee you will achieve the smile you deserve, either if you choose Invisalign or regular braces.

Traditional orthodontics has evolved to be more comfortable and aesthetically pleasant. The best examples of this are ceramic braces and clear aligners (commonly referred to as Invisalign due to the brand that first designed them).

Although both traditional braces and Invisalign are great options, it is essential to understand their pros and cons before deciding on what to get.

In this article, we’ll discuss the differences and indications of Invisalign and regular braces.

What is so different between Invisalign and regular braces?

Both methods work by applying pressure to the teeth to push or move them into the desired position.

However, there are key aspects that differentiate them, such as:

  • Efficiency

Both systems can deliver excellent results and align your teeth.

Due to the many brackets alternatives and designs, regular braces work perfectly in every situation. Regular braces can treat more complex cases.

Invisalign’s design makes them suitable to perform simple to moderate teeth movements.

However, technological advancements have allowed modifying Invisalign. This lets the dentist add attachments to them, so they can perform more advanced movements, which increases the range of cases where Invisalign is used.

  • Aesthetics

Regular braces are often metallic and stand out when you smile or speak, often giving you an undesired look. Although ceramic braces are more discrete due to their tooth-like color, they still stand out.

Invisalign possesses superior aesthetics by being clear and almost invisible. As a result, they become the best option if you are concerned about your looks through the treatment.

  • Comfort  

Both systems move your teeth which can be painful.

However, the lack of sharp edges and angles on the Invisalign trays prevents any cut and harm to your inside cheeks and lips that often happen with braces.

  • Eating and cleaning 

Regular braces are permanently bonded to your teeth, which means you need to eat with them. This can make it troublesome to eat certain types of foods.

Moreover, brushing your teeth and flossing requires extra attention to clean them properly and prevent tartar build-ups and cavities.

You can remove Invisalign to eat and drink, so there is no food restrictions. Furthermore, it allows you to brush and floss as you always have.

Invisalign trays are designed to fit tightly, so it is essential to thoroughly remove every food residue left behind on your teeth before putting them back on.

Conclusively, both alternatives are excellent options. Dr. Iris will help you decide which one would suit you better.

At Iris Dentistry, it is guarantee you will achieve the smile you deserve, either if you choose Invisalign or regular braces.

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