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Here are just a few of the options we offer to help you achieve a beautiful and healthy smile. Whether you crave whiter teeth for an upcoming wedding or reunion, have heavily damaged teeth that need restoring, or are missing some or all of your teeth, you can rest assured that dreams can come true at Iris Dentistry.

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Full Upper And Lower Front Cosmetic Case


This patient came in with complaints about her teeth getting thin and breaking. She was very uncomfortable with her teeth, so she never smiled. Part of the issue with this wear is that she was clenching and grinding them, which resulted in shorter, stubbier teeth. Her teeth were so worn down that her bite had changed. Her other complaint was that she wanted her teeth to look whiter.


This treatment plan included increasing the height of her teeth by giving her an implant crown, a few veneers, and putting crowns on the remaining teeth to both protect them from further damage and to give her the confidence to smile. 

Her lower teeth were given crowns to match her upper teeth, giving her the brighter, whiter smile she wanted. She now smiles all the time … with confidence. 

Single-Tooth Whitening


This patient was uncomfortable with the darkness of his canine tooth (third tooth on the upper left side) and would not smile as a result. He was happy with the way the rest of his teeth looked.

There was trauma in the tooth and it was completely discoloured, so we did a root canal treatment and then followed up with whitening only on that tooth to match the shade of his other teeth. Because our first priority was helping achieve his personal smile goals, we treated just the tooth this patient was unhappy with. He loves his newfound confidence in his smile.

Two Anterior Veneers 


As you can see in these photos, tooth trauma often results in tooth discolouration, as this patient was experiencing. She was unhappy as the teeth were darker due to the trauma and also had big fillings on them. She was embarrassed to smile.

We used two front veneers to cover the discolouration. She is now very happy and said now she can smile again.

Smile Makeover


When this patient came in to our practice, his chief complaint was that he had no back teeth, so all of his chewing had to be done only by his front teeth. His teeth were discoloured and damaged from clenching and grinding. To correct these issues we started with orthodontics to straighten his teeth and then used dental implants and crowns to restore the natural function so he could chew normally again.

ZOOM! Teeth Whitening in Waterloo


Unhappy with the yellowing of her teeth, this patient wanted us to help make her teeth whiter. We did in-office Zoom whitening for her and now she can smile with radiant confidence.