Dental Implants Waterloo

Dental Implants Waterloo

Look into the advantages of dental implants in Waterloo at iris Dentistry and see how implants can improve your quality of life. While dentures are still a beneficial option for many patients, implants can enhance the appearance and performance of your teeth. Imagine not having to sacrifice the foods you love- or not having to worry that your teeth will slip or become dislodged when you eat or laugh.

Beyond Cosmetics

There are genuine advantages to dental implants that go far beyond their appearance. Dental experts tell us that missing teeth can cause the jawbone to deteriorate over time- so that patients with dentures may begin to see the damaging results within a few short years of losing teeth. Dentures that once fit well may start to feel loose or start to slip throughout the day. Implants anchored into the jawbone offer exceptional stability and long-lasting value.

Superior Performance

Dental implants perform like your natural teeth; in fact, most patients report that they forget they have implants within the first few days of their placement. If you have multiple missing teeth, you may have forgotten what it’s like to enjoy foods that are crunchy, sticky, or chewy. Implants can restore full function, giving you back the ability to enjoy eating your favorite foods- and if you miss eating in public with friends and family, your fear of a mishap during dinner is over.

Implants Look Natural

If you’re not smiling as much as you once did, dental implants in Waterloo could change your social life forever. With implants, you’ll look for reasons to show off your beautiful teeth since dental implants are virtually undetectable by others. The fact is, implants look so much like your own teeth in shape, color, and size, that no one around you will know you’ve had teeth replaced by implants- they’re that superior in appearance to all other dental prosthetics.

Can I Afford Implants?

Patients tell us that the cost of implants is well worth the investment. You’ll spend a bit more for implants compared with the cost of dentures, but when you consider the return on your investment, there’s no comparison- implants are the better value. Lifetime implants are designed to last the rest of your life when cared for properly. Following treatment, it’s important to brush and floss twice daily and see our team at Iris Dentistry for regular checkups and cleanings.

Schedule a Consultation Appointment

You’ll find the real value of dental implants in Waterloo is that they restore a high quality of life that you may be currently missing. We’d love the opportunity to talk over options with you, discuss the costs of treatment, and provide you with additional materials to take home and talk over with your family. If you’re eligible for implants, we can start treatment as early as your next appointment. Why wait to find out more? You’ll discover a wealth of information on the Iris Dentistry website just by clicking on the ‘Services’ link.

Dental Implants Waterloo
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